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Faculty of Foreign Languages
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Faculty of Foreign Languages


        Faculty of Foreign Languages has two departments, two offices and five centers, that is, English Department, College English Teaching Department, General Office, Student Affairs Office, Language Comprehensive Experimental and Teaching Center, Language and Culture Research Center, Translation Study Center, Foreign Languages Teaching & Research Service Center, and Language and Culture Training Center. College English Teaching Department is in charge of college English teaching for all non-English Major students of HYIT. English Department runs three bachelor degree programs of English, business English and translation. The Faculty owns one HYIT’s key discipline of Foreign Languages and Literature and is equipped with 13 modern multimedia classrooms and two FM Broadcasting transmitters.


Contact us

        Dean: Professor Zuo Jin

        Address: No. 89, North Beijing Road, Huai’an, Jiangsu Province, China

        Postal code: 223001

        Tel.: +86 517 83591157

        E-mail: zuojin@hyit.edu.cn



Practice of Local Language & Culture


Multimedia Classroom.


Awards of FLTRP Cup English Public Speaking Contest


Graduation Thesis Defense


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