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Student Admission Brochure for Postgraduates with Master's Degrees of the Huaiyin Institute of Technology

I. Educational Objectives

HYIT observes the following educational objectives: (1) adhere to strengthening moral education and cultivating people; (2) follow the laws of postgraduate student education, and focus on consolidating innovative ability of engineering practice, demand-oriented; (3) cultivate high-level application-oriented, inter-disciplinary engineering technology and engineering management talents with sound professional ethics who have a good knowledge of basic theories, advanced technical methods and practical methods, and (4) make the students capable of engaging in product research and development, engineering planning, engineering design, project implementation, project development, equipment research and development, production control and scientific research.

II. Educational Method and Educational System

HYIT adopts full-time educational method for postgraduate students with an educational system of three years.

III. Major and Enrollment



Research Directions



Chemical Engineering


Chemical Technology


The actual number of students enrolled is subject to the admission plan issued by the Ministry of Education.

Material Chemical Engineering

Applied Chemistry

Bio-chemical Engineering

Chemical Process Intensification and Equipment

IV. Conditions for Application

Candidates who register for the National Postgraduate Admission Examination must meet the following requirements:

1. Citizens of the People's Republic of China

2. Adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China, willing to serve the socialist modernization, having good moral character, observing disciplines and laws.

3. The physical health status meets the physical examination requirements stipulated by the country and the Institute.

4. Candidates must meet one of the following academic requirements:

(1) Fresh graduates with national recognized academic qualifications (including fresh graduates of regular universities and colleges, adult colleges and graduates from adult higher education held by regular universities and colleges) as well as the graduates due then who register and enter self-taught examinations or who receive network education. Candidates must obtain a state-recognized graduate diploma before September 1 of the admission year, otherwise they shall be disqualified of admission.

(2) People with a state-recognized graduate diploma.

(3) People who have obtained state-recognized diploma of higher vocational college and higher professional college for two years (from graduation to September 1, 2019, the same hereinafter) or above, who have reached the same education level as university undergraduates and are in compliance with the specific professional requirements for candidates based on educational objectives of HYIT.

(4) The state-recognized undergraduates who have completed education without a diploma shall register and enter for examinations as undergraduate of equivalent education level.

(5) People who have obtained master's or doctor's degree.

Graduate students must request approval from the cultivating unit before registry and entry for examinations.

V. Procedures for Registration

1. Online registration. Log on to "Chinese Postgraduate Admission Information Website" (http://yz.chsi.com.cn) and register between 9:00 and 22:00, October 10 and October 31 of 2019, and registration shall be rejected and registration information cannot be modified after the deadline.

2. On-site confirmation. Candidates shall go to the designated place for on-site confirmation before the deadline. Candidates shall present their resident ID cards, academic diplomas (fresh graduate shall hold student ID card) as well as online registration number for on-site check by the staff at the examination sites. Candidates shall pay registration fee and complete electronic data collection including images.

After successful online registration, candidates should check educational background (educational status) verification result online, and those who fail to pass educational background (educational status) verification online should complete it before the deadline.

Note for Candidates: One candidate shall only keep one valid registration information. The consequences of failure to attend examinations, reexaminations or admission shall be taken by candidates themselves for those who fill in wrong or false information online.

3. For the matters not covered, please refer to the announcement of the registration site.

VI. Arrangement of Examinations

1. Admission Ticket: Between December 14 and December 24, 2019, candidates shall download and print admission tickets by logging on to "Chinese Postgraduate Admission Information Website" with user names and passwords. Admission tickets shall be printed on an A4 white paper, without any alteration or writing on both sides within the examination period. Candidates shall attend preliminary examinations and reexaminations with the downloaded admission tickets as well as resident ID cards.

2. Date of preliminary examination: Between December 22 and December 23, 2019.

3. Preliminary examination subjects: Ideological and political theory, foreign languages and two professional courses. The examination period for each subject shall last three hours. The full marks of ideological and political theory and foreign language are 100 respectively, and the full marks of the two professional courses shall be 150 respectively.

4. Reexaminations: Before the end of April 2019 (i.e. before reexaminations), the original registration materials such as diploma and degree certificate as well as candidate's qualifications shall be strictly checked by HYIT. Candidates whose registration materials fail to pass the check shall be disqualified. Before reexaminations, candidates of equivalent education level shall take additional exams of two more major undergraduate courses, and only the qualified candidates could attend reexaminations.

The specific time and method of reexaminations will be published on the website of the Postgraduate Office of HYIT.

VII. Admission

HYIT shall select the best candidates according to the admission plan issued by the state, the scores of candidates' preliminary examinations and reexamination as well as ideological and political performance, professional quality and physical health.

VIII. Standard of Fees

The tuition for full-time postgraduate of HYIT is 6,000 yuan annually per person, with a length of three years and a maximum length of five years, and the total tuition is 18,000 yuan; three students shall share one dormitory with accommodation fee of 1,200 yuan annually per person.

IX. Scholarships and Grants Policy

1. HYIT sets up a Special Scholarship for Freshmen. First-class scholarship is 18,000 yuan (equals to three years' tuition), which will be awarded to: (1) full-time graduates from "National Key University" who apply for HYIT as the first choice and are admitted; and (2) candidates from other universities and colleges who apply for HYIT as the first choice and are admitted with more than 40 points higher (including 40 points) in the preliminary examination in the first district. Second-class scholarship is 9,000 yuan (equals to 1.5 years' tuition), which will be awarded to other candidates who apply for HYIT as the first choice and the admitted full-time graduates from "National Key University" after academic adjustment. Third-class scholarship is 6,000 yuan (equals to 1 year's tuition), which will be awarded to the candidates after academic adjustments.

2. HYIT sets up academic scholarship for postgraduates. First-class scholarship is 12,000 yuan annually per person, second-class scholarship is 9,000 yuan annually per person and third-class scholarship is 6,000 yuan annually per person. A total of 100% of postgraduates shall be awarded.

3. Candidates who have been admitted as postgraduates of HYIT shall enjoy a grant of 10,000 yuan annually per person, which shall be paid monthly.

4. According to national policy, postgraduates may apply for national scholarship, which is 20,000 yuan annually per person.

5. Postgraduates may undertake the work of "research assistant, teaching assistant, management assistant and student adviser" and may receive an annual allowance between 2,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan.

6. Postgraduates may reside in the "Jiangsu Enterprise Postgraduate Workstation" co-constructed by enterprises and HYIT for internship and research, and may enjoy relevant compensation and benefits provided by enterprises.

7. According to family financial conditions, postgraduates may apply for state-subsidized student loan.

8. Free from reexamination fee, physical examination fee, and get subsidy for reexamination round trip fare.

X. Employment and Others

Postgraduate students with directional employment shall be employed according to directional contracts; those without directional employment shall be employed depending on two-way choice between the student and the employer.

Postgraduate students of HYIT shall be educated at Meicheng Road Campus (main campus).

XI. If any content in the Admission Brochure is inconsistent with the stipulations of the national admission document 2019, the latter shall prevail.

XII. Contact Information

Code of HYIT: 11049

Postal code: 223003

Address: No. 1, East Meicheng Road, Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province

Homepage of HYIT: http://www.hyit.edu.cn

Contact Department: Postgraduate Student Office of the Huaiyin Institute of Technology

Homepage of Graduate Division: http://gd.hyit.edu.cn

Contact: Mr. Sun

Tel./Fax: 0517-83559107

Mobile: 13625152636 QQ: 2320514182

E-mail: graduate11049@126.com



Departments and Research Directions

Subjects for Preliminary Examination

Written Exam Subjects for Re-examination (Additional exam for students of equivalent education level)

Contact Information


Chemical Engineering

001 School of Chemical Engineering ★◆●

01 Chemical Technology

02 Material Chemical Engineering

03 Applied Chemistry

04 Biochemical Engineering

05 Chemical Process Intensification and Equipment

Subjects for General Examination

101 Ideological and Political Theory

204 English II

302 Mathematics II

Self-propositional Subjects

Direction for 01 and 02:

801 Physical Chemistry or 802 Chemical Principles or 803 Material Science Foundation (one out of three options)

Direction for 03:

801 Physical Chemistry or 802 Chemical Principles or 804 Biochemistry (one out of three options)

Direction for 04:

804 Biochemistry or 805 Microbiology (alternative)

Direction for 05:

806 Engineering Mechanics or 807 Circuit or 808 Programming (one of three choices)

Subjects for Re-examination

Direction for 01, 02 and 03:

Comprehensive Chemistry or Comprehensive Material Engineering (alternative)

Direction for 04:

Comprehensive Biotechnology

Direction for 05:

Comprehensive Chemical Equipment Manufacturing or Comprehensive Chemical Process Control Specialty Data Structure (one out of three options)

Additional exam for students of equivalent education level

Direction for 01, 02 and 03:

Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry

Direction for 04:

Organic Chemistry, Basic Biology

Direction for 01, 02 and 03

Mr. Li


Direction for 04:

Mr. Gu


Direction for 05

Mr. Gao


Mr. Wu


Mr. Qiu


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