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University Motto & Spirit

HYIT Motto: Studying for the rise of China.

"Studying for the rise of China" are the words said by Zhou Enlai, China's Founding Premier, when he was young. Huaiyin is the hometown of Premier Zhou. As a regular college in the hometown of Zhou Enlai, Huaiyin Institute of Technology (HYIT) upholds Zhou Enlai's spirit as our philosophy of college management and education. Making "Reading for the rise of China" HYIT's motto is of great significance. "Studying for the rise of China" is the common ideal and pursuit of our faculty, students and staff. It has profound connotations.

HYIT Spirit: "Pursue moral excellence and great learning, constantly strive for self-improvement"

To "pursue moral excellence and great learning" means to carry forward lofty morals, ideals and pursuits, obtain knowledge, learn to practice, learn to innovate and learn to behave oneself, in essence, to foster good virtues and character; to "constantly strive for self-improvement" means to consciously strive to make progress, work hard to become stronger, advance bravely and become top-notch.

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