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Facts and Statistics

HYIT has a high-level faculty. It adheres to strengthening the school with talents, promoting Project “1357”, the building of talent team. Currently, there are more than 1,300 full-time teachers, including 600 teachers with doctoral degree, 590 professors, associate professors and other senior title holders, more than 360 postgraduate supervisors, and 12 part-time doctoral supervisors. More than 100 state-level talents and other high-end talents were recruited and double employed. In addition, there are 16 key talents who are beneficiaries of the Special Government Allowance of the State Council, Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Provincial Distinguished Professors, Provincial Recruitment Program of 100 Foreign Experts and Provincial Industry Professors; nearly 240 members have been granted programs including Jiangsu “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program”, “333 High-level Talent Training Project”, “6 Talent Peaks Project”, “Qinglan Project” and so on; 11 outstanding teaching teams and scientific and technology innovation teams have been approved.

HYIT has steadily promoted the discipline construction “246X” project, deeply implemented the “2612” project of specialty construction, and thus consolidated the cultivation of applied talents, holding on to the first-class guidance and the undergraduate-teaching-centered development philosophy. At present, there are 5 key disciplines in the 13th Five-Year Plan period, 6 national first-class undergraduate specialty construction points, 2 national characteristic specialties, 8 pilot specialties of the national excellence plan, 2 national “Specialty Comprehensive Reform” pilot projects, 6 specialties have been certified by the China Engineering Education Accreditation Association. 8 first-class specialty construction points in the province, 13 first phase and second phase provincial brand specialty projects and 4 provincial brand characteristic specialty construction points. Up to now, HYIT has been approved with 18 national “gold courses” and provincial-level quality online open courses, and 45 key textbooks of and above the provincial and ministerial level. There have been 37 national and provincial practical teaching and research platforms, such as National-local Joint Engineering Research Centers, National Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Centers, National Engineering Practice Education Centers, and National University Science and Technology Parks, realizing the full coverage of platforms for disciplines and specialties of and above the provincial level. Furthermore, HYIT has been approved as National Cross-strait Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Site, Ministry of Education ICT Industry-education Integration Innovation Base, Provincial College Student Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base, Provincial Construction Point of College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice and Education Center, Provincial Talent Training Mode and Innovation Experiment Platform and Provincial Post-doctoral Practice Platform for Innovation. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, HYIT students applied for 742 patents among which 476 have been authorized; the provincial-level awards exceeded 8,000, including the national golden prize of “Creating Youth”, the national bronze prize of “Internet+”, and the national third prize of “Challenge Cup”; the admission rate of postgraduate entrance examination remained above 20% and the employment rate above 96%. The enrollment scale of postgraduates continues to grow rapidly and has achieved remarkable cultivation results: 3 outstanding graduate workstations in Jiangsu Province, 2 provincial excellent graduate courses, 2 provincial graduate education reform achievement awards, 5 provincial excellent master’s theses, and scientific research papers with postgraduates as the first author published in top journals in the field of chemical industry.

HYIT follows the service-oriented approach, and constantly enhances its ability of scientific and technological innovation and social service. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, more than 100 national projects, such as National Natural Science Foundation projects and National Social Science Foundation projects, were granted, and 300 provincial scientific research projects were approved, among which there are more than 30 provincial and ministerial awards,including the first prize and the second prize of Jiangsu Outstanding Achievement Award in Philosophy and Social Sciences, the second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award, 280 municipal awards and 485 nationally-authorized invention patents, all with HYIT as the first unit. The school has been vigorously promoting the “1111” scientific and technological innovation service project, and deepening the integrated development with Jiangsu, especially the counties of Huai’an. Since the implementation of the project in 2017, more than 1,800 cooperation projects have been signed, and the scientific research cooperation funds have exceeded 370 million yuan, realizing the full coverage of the provincial technology transfer sub-centers in all counties and districts of Huai’an. In 2020, the number of scientific and technological achievements transformation was ranked 78 nationwide, and the number of provincial industry-university-research cooperation projects ranked first in the province. HYIT Research Institute of Higher Education was awarded “National Excellent Research Institute for Higher Education”; the North Jiangsu Development Research Institute was approved as “Provincial Key Cultivation Think Tank” and selected as the one of the top 100 Think Tanks in CTTI and its research results have been approved by major national, provincial and municipal leaders for many times.

HYIT has been dedicated to open education. It has established friendly cooperative relations with more than 50 overseas universities in the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Italy and Taiwan region. It has initiated a joint undergraduate program, Logistics Engineering, with Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, Finland, established Sino-European Canal Culture Studies Center with the University of Salento, Italy, conducted joint doctoral programs with Université de Lorraine, France, Nagasaki Institute of Applied Sciences, Japan, Shinawatra University, Thailand and so on. Currently, HYIT has an enrollment of nearly 200 international students, and over 100 teachers and students go abroad annually for exchange. It has been approved 2 educational exchange projects with Taiwan by the Ministry of Education, 2 provincial foreign expert studios, and one foreign expert has been awarded “Jiangsu Friendship Award”

HYIT has been successively awarded “National Model Green Unit”, “Advanced Collective in the Management of Student Status and Academic Qualifications of National Colleges and Universities”, “Civilized College in Jiangsu”, “Pilot School of the Reform of School Administration by Law in Jiangsu”, “Jiangsu Civilized Campus”, “Jiangsu Harmonious Campus”, “Demonstration University of Jiangsu Safe Campus”, “Jiangsu Demonstration School of Language Work”, “Advanced Unit of Jiangsu Scientific and Technological Work”, “Advanced Collective in Intellectual Property Work of Jiangsu Colleges and Universities”, “Advanced Unit of Student Financial Aid in Jiangsu”, “Jiangsu Advanced Collective for the Employment of College Graduates”, “Jiangsu Outstanding Postgraduate Enrollment Unit”, “Advanced unit of Communist Youth League of Jiangsu Province”, Second-class Collective Merit in Public Security Work in Jiangsu”, “Advanced Unit of School Affairs Disclosure in Jiangsu” and other honorary titles.

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