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Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
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Faculty of Mathematics and Physics


        Faculty of Mathematics and Physics has five teaching institutes, namely College Mathematics Department, College Physics Department, Applied Mathematics Department, Applied Physics Department and Experiment Teaching Center. The Faculty mainly undertakes the teaching tasks of public courses, such as mathematics and physics. The Faculty currently has two undergraduate majors, namely, the Information and Computing Science and the Applied Physics. Mathematics and Physics are the key supporting disciplines, the Information and Computing Sciences major is the 2612 Brand-Specialty of HYIT and the key major of Jiangsu Province. We have the Experimental Center of College Physics, the Mathematical Modeling Laboratory, the General Physics Laboratory, the Modern Physics Laboratory, the Physics Specialty Laboratory, the Quantum Science and Computing Laboratory, the Organic Optoelectronic Device Laboratory and the Photoelectric Functional Materials Laboratory. There are more than 2000 set of equipment worth more than 10,000,000 yuan, and the Experimental Center of College Physics has been rated as the provincial teaching demonstration center. The Faculty has more than 10 practice bases.

        The Faculty has a teaching staff of meticulous scholarship and high-quality. There are 92 members as professional teaching faculty, including four professors, 25 associate professors, six Master's supervisors, 37 doctorate teachers and 13 doctoral candidates. There are two young and middle-aged academic leaders in the “Qinglan Project” of Jiangsu Province; six excellent young backbone teachers, one person of the “Six Top Talents” of Jiangsu Province; one young and middle-aged prominent expert, one with May 1st Labor Medal, 16 members as 533 Project” talents of Huai’an city; four famous teachers and two Teacher’s Morality Pacesetters of HYIT. In recent years, the faculty members have undertaken 10 national projects and five provincial projects; published more than 200 papers, including more than 70 SCI papers; edited two monographs and five textbooks. The faculty members have won one first prize for Teaching Achievements of HYIT, one Outstanding Winners, one first prize and seven second prizes for Teaching Competition of Jiangsu Province, one first prize for University Mathematics Micro-Course Design of the Eastern China, six first prizes for Young Teaching Achievement of HYIT. The students have achieved outstanding results in a variety of competitions too, two first prizes of the National University Students Mathematics Modeling Contest and more than 300 prizes for Advanced Mathematics Contest and Physics Innovation. The training of professional talents is distinctive. The graduation rate, the degree-awarding rate and the employment rate of the graduates are always at more than 96%. We have two excellent graduate designs of Jiangsu Province. The rate of students who pass the postgraduate entrance exam is rising year by year; the acceptance rate of 2019 has achieved 43.84%, ranking first in HYIT.

        Faculty of Mathematics and Physics is fast-developing in discipline construction, teaching staff, scientific level, talent training, faculty conditions, etc. We warmly welcome high-level talents to join in our faculty.


        Contact us

        Dean: Professor Zhou Guanghong

        Address: No. 1, East Meicheng Road, Huai’an, Jiangsu Province, China

        Postal code: 223001

        Tel.: +86 517 83559053

        E-mail: zgh@hyit.edu.cn










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