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Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering
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Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering


    The Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering was established in 1987, and was developed and renamed as Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering in 2009. This Faculty mainly consists of two departments, Department of Civil Engineering and Department of Architecture. Within the Department of Civil Engineering, there are three undergraduate majors, including the Housing Construction, Road and Bridge Construction, and Urban Underground Construction. In the Department of Architecture, there are also three undergraduate majors, Architectural Design, Urban and Rural Planning, and Landscape Design. Currently, the Faculty has developed one Jiangsu Provincial Key Undergraduate Course (Civil engineering), one Jiangsu Provincial Basic Experimental Teaching Center of Civil Engineering, and One National Program of Chinese Central-Domestic University Developmental Funding. Otherwise, by reference to the scientific research, this Faculty has developed one Jiangsu provincial key laboratory (Laboratory of Urban and Rural Housing Assembling Technology), one municipal key laboratory (Huai’an Municipal Laboratory of Recycling Solid Waste), and so on.

        The Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering has achieved great advancements in the last decade, in consistent to Chinas tremendous and rapid socio-economic development. By 2019, this Faculty has enrolled 1700 undergraduate students and 22 post-graduate students; it has also enrolled 87 faculty members, including six professors, 35 vice-professors, and 25 Doctors. Among the teaching staff, there is one Doctoral supervisor and seven Master’s supervisors; there are two provincial "333 Project" funded researchers, five provincial "Qinglan Project" funded teachers, two provincial "Six Top Talents", and several appraised as "Municipal Scientific and Teaching Talent".

By now, the Faculty has one first-tier advanced researching prize awarded by the Ministry of Education, one second-tier advanced research prize by Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering, two advanced research prizes by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Construction, two advanced research prizes by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, and 11 municipal technological advancing prizes. In the last three years, the Faculty has undertaken over 60 scientific projects, among which there are six Chinese National Scientific Projects, 18 Jiangsu Provincial Scientific Projects, and 30 scientific patents. The teaching staff have published 178 scientific papers, among which over 50 were on SCI, EI, CSSCI journals. Besides, the teaching staff have won one second prize in Chinese National Young Lecturers’ Teaching Competition (Courses of Urban Underground Construction), one first prize, three second prizes, and one third prize in Jiangsu Young Lecturers’ Teaching Competition, and numerous other teaching prizes.

The Faculty always holds the motto of HYIT, “Reading for the Rise of China”, to promote the comprehensive and a        dvanced development of undergraduates’ education. In the last three years, the undergraduate students have won over 80 individual and group prizes in the international, national, and provincial university students’ competitions. Over 95% of undergraduates have passed the technological and skill tests, such as the Qualification of Medium and High-Level Surveyors. Over 20% students were accepted by international and national famous universities for further education, such as Nottingham University (UK), Tongji University (China), Southeast University (China), and others. Over 96.74% of undergraduate students have got job offers after their graduation.


Contact us

        Dean: Professor Dong Yun

        Address: No. 89, North Beijing Road, Huai’an, Jiangsu Province, China

        Postal code: 223001

        Tel.: +86 517 83591177

        Fax: +86 517 83591177

        E-mail: hadyun@163.com



Silver Award of the Annual Asian Design Award in 2017


Outstanding Winner Award for the Provincial Structural Design Competition in 2018


Prof. Dong Yun’s Letter of Appointment from Chung Hua University


Solid Waste Recycling Laboratory


A teacher participating in Chinese Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics


Students Preparing for the Structural Innovation Competition


Second Prize won by Liu Yuyi in the National Young Lecturers’ Competition in Urban Underground Space Engineering


Micro-lecture by Wang Tianchi


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