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Faculty of Computer and Software Engineering
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Faculty of Computer and Software Engineering


        The Faculty of Computer and Software Engineering is the key faculty with priority of construction in Huaiyin Institute of Technology. This faculty has presently five undergraduate majors, “Computer Science and Technology”, “Software Engineering”, “Internet of Things Engineering”, “Network Engineering”, “Data Science and Big Data” and one research orientation “Chemical Big Data and Cloud Computing” for the Master’s Degree. There are about 2,000 students in the Faculty including undergraduate students, international students and postgraduate students. The undergraduate major, “Computer science and technology,” is an “A Class” brand specialty and a feature specialty in Jiangsu Province, also a pilot specialty of the “Outstanding Engineers Education Training Plan” put forward by the Ministry of Education. Additionally, “Computer Science and Technology” and “Software Engineering” are among the first pilot specialties of the “Outstanding Engineers (Software) Education Training Plan” put forward by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education. Moreover, “Computer Science and Technology”, “Software Engineering,” and “Internet of Things Engineering” are the key specialties in Jiangsu Province.

        There are currently 82 in-service staffs, including nine professors, 27 associate professors, 20 teachers with doctoral degrees and four foreign teachers. Among them, there are professors of the Yangtze River Scholar Program, experts of the Thousand Plan, training objects of “Six Top Talents”, training objects of “333 Project”, young academic leaders of “Qinglan Project, outstanding scientific and technological workers, learning pacesetters, and advanced individuals of associations for science and technology in Jiangsu Province. In the past three years, teachers in faculty of Computer and Software Engineering have undertaken a total of 31 projects at or above the provincial level, 22 projects at the city and department level, more than 43 development projects; they have been approved 11 patents, 36 utility model patents, 118 software copyrights; also they have published 258 papers, including 134 collection papers of SCI, EI and ISTP, more than 20 textbooks, and gained three provincial excellent courses, two top-quality textbooks, and more than 50 scientific research and teaching awards.

        Faculty of Computer and Software Engineering has two first level disciplines, “Computer Science and Technology” and “Software Engineering”. Among them, the former is the key discipline from the first level disciplines of Huaiyin Institute of Technology and the latter is that of Jiangsu Province. Furthermore, in the acceptance of provincial key construction disciplines in 2015, “Software Engineering” achieved excellent results — ranking first among similar subjects in Jiangsu Province. Over the past decade, the number of postgraduate students have reached more than 150, in cooperation with Nanjing University of Science & Technology, Jiangnan University, etc.

        In 2016, the Faculty began to formally recruit postgraduate students majoring in Chemical Big Data and Cloud Computing. There are 16 Master’s supervisors in this Faculty, from whom 53 postgraduate students have received guidance. The research area, Chemical Big Data and Cloud Computing (chemical process intensification and equipment), is affiliated to the field of Chemical Engineering for enrollment which focuses on researches to build chemical data processing cloud platform achieving the data collection and data preprocessing during the chemical generation process, chemical production process control, and trend prediction of production conditions.

        The Faculty has eight provincial and municipal scientific research and experimental platforms, such as Jiangsu Internet of Things and Mobile Internet Technology Engineering Laboratory, Jiangsu Huai’an Software Testing and Technology Public Service Platform, Huai’an Key Laboratory of Internet of Things Technology and Application, and Cloud Service Center of Huaiyin Institute of Technology, etc. The Faculty has also established the Jiangsu Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, the Computer Engineering Experiment Center, which possesses first-class laboratory facilities worth 22 million yuan and provides a comfortable and pleasant environment for working and learning.


    Contact us

    Dean: Professor Zhao Jianyang

    Address: No. 1, East Meicheng Road, Huai’an, Jiangsu Province, China

    Postal code: 223001

    Tel.: +86 517 83591163

    E-mail: jszhaojy@163.com



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