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Notice on Further Strengthening the “Campus Closed Management” for International Students during the Period of Epidemic Prevention and Control
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In order to further implement the spirit of both Provincial and HYIT documents about epidemic prevention and control, coordinating with other relevant departments to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control so as to guarantee all the staff’s and students’ health and life security and minimize population mobility, SIE decides from now on to implement rules of "six prohibitions" and "seven should" to enhance the “campus closed management” for campus-staying international students according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control of Jiangsu Province and HYIT.

"Six prohibitions": It is forbidden to come in and go out of campus without getting permission. It is forbidden to bring off-campus personnel into the campus. It is forbidden to stay out of the campus too late or stay out for night. It is forbidden to Participate in gathering activities. Students are allowed to go out of the campus with the pass permit once a week to buy living necessities and are forbidden to go out with the reason of buying non-living guarantee items. It is forbidden to go out after 7:00 PM.

"Seven should": You should wear masks when going outside. You should take the initiative to register when you go outside or return to campus. You should report to teachers when you feel sick. Returnees from other cities should take self-isolation. You should keep a certain distance when you meet others. You should come back within 3 hours when you go out shopping. All students should be cooperative in school management.

Violators of the above "six prohibitions", "seven should " during the epidemic prevention and control, resulting in adverse effects, will be seriously punished according to Regulations for Dealing with Discipline-vilation by Staff and Students during Epidemic Prevention and Control of Huaiyin Institute of Technology.

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