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SIE’s Early Warning on Internet Fraud with Online Teaching During COVID-19 Prevention Period
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According to the notification “Beware of Internet Fraud with Online Teaching During COVID-19 Prevention Period” announced by the Education Department of Jiangsu Province, any additional and illegal charge could not be made for the reason of online teaching during the prevention period by any schools. In principle, any expense should not be charged.

To implement the notification, SIE announces the early warning as follows:

The head teachers need to manage class chat groups of Wechat and QQ and other platforms. The identification and real name of each member should be checked strictly. Unknown people ought to be kicked out of the groups and should not be added into class groups either. If someone charges expenses by offering QR codes in teachers’ name, don’t pay and contact teachers of SIE or dial 110 immediately.

Attachment: Early Warning about Internet Fraud on Online Teaching During COVID-19 Prevention Period

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