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Admission of Huaiyin Institute of Technology For International Students(2020)
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Huaiyin Institute of Technology is an undergraduate institute in Jiangsu province. It is located in Huai'an, a city of history, culture, grand canal and cuisine. Huai’an is known as the hometown of Zhou Enlai, the first Premier of the People's Republic of China. HYIT was founded in 1958 and the school began to run bachelor’s degree programs in 2000 after being approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE). In 2011, approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, it was authorized to run a Master’s Degree program in Engineering as one of the pilot institutions in order to meet the special demand of our state. It is also one of the pilot institutions of “A Plan for Educating and Training Outstanding Engineers” (PETOE) and “A Plan for Excellent Agriculture and Forestry Talent Training Project” (PEAFTTP) .

HYIT covers an area of about 2,560 mu (about 170 hectares) with the school building construction area of 670,000 square meters. The institute consists of 20 faculties and colleges which offer 66 Bachelor Degree programs. There are about 21,000 registered regular and overseas students enrolled in bachelor’s or master’s degree programs. HYIT owns a high-level teaching staff and has about 1300 full time teachers. Among them there are more than 560 professors and associate professors, and around 540 teachers with a doctoral degree. It has 4 experts in Yangtze Scholars, Thousand Talents Program and Ten Thousand experts plan, and more than 90 currently hired talents in the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. 5 beneficiaries of the Special Government Allowance of the State Council, 10 high-end talents are in “Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions of Jiangsu Province", “Provincial Distinguished Professors", "Provincial Recruitment Program of 100 Foreign Experts" and “Provincial Industry Professors" around 200 high-level talent-training targets in the “Provincial Project 333", “Blue Project” and “6 Talent Peaks Project”. And has 8 provincial excellent teaching technology innovation team.

In recent years, the international level of HYIT has risen continuously. It has established the School of International Education with 200 oversea students from 35 different countries. HYIT has enhanced the linkage and cooperation with 40 overseas universities. There are about 100 exchange students on average each year. It cultivates doctoral candidates together with Université de Lorraine (France), Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science (Japan), Chung-Hua University (Taiwan, China) and I-Shou University (Taiwan, China) and some doctoral students have successfully graduated. a sino-foreign cooperative education project, a Taiwan-targeted educational exchange program, a Taiwan-targeted educational exchange program of the Ministry of Education, 2 provincial foreign expert workshops of HYIT was approved by Ministry of Education. It cooperates with JAMK University of Applied Science to train undergraduate students of Logistics Engineering.

HYIT has good teaching and living facilities and an elegant campus environment. We warmly welcome students from all over the world.

The admission for international students to HYIT of 2020 has started. For the specifications, please read the following:

1. Admission Type:

Bachelor degrees, quotas: 60 students;

Chinese Training, quotas: 20 students.

2. Bachelor Programs & Language of Instruction

International Economics & Trade (lectured in Chinese), communication engineering(lectured in English), Bio-engineering (lectured in English). (For details, see the appendix 1).

The bachelor degree courses of International Economics & Trade are lectured in Chinese. The applicants for this major are required to have HSK4 certificate before starting the majors, and students must pass HSK5 before graduation.

The bachelor degree courses Bio-engineering are lectured in English. Applicants for this major are required to have a certain level of English so as to start the professional study directly. And students must pass HSK4 before graduation.

Applicants who have HSK5 certificate may start the majors with Chinese students.

3. Mode and Length of Study

Mode: Full-time

Length of Study: Chinese Training-1 year

Bachelor-4 years

HYIT implements the two-semester system: semester1 is from September to January and semester 2 is from February to July.

4. Application procedures

4.1. Eligibility

(1) Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport, above the age of 18 and under the age of 24 have attained a senior high school diploma, be in good health condition,  respect Chinese customs and habits, abide by laws and regulations, and have no criminal record.

(2) Applicants should have good academic performance, English and Chinese language proficiency. Applicants for International Economics and Trade must provide HSK4 certificate within expiration date. If the applicants from non-English speaking countries apply for majors lectured in English, IELTS transcript with at least 5 points within expiration date or English language proficiency certificate of the same level must be provided.

4.2. Application Schedule:

March 1, 2020 to May 31, 2020

4.3. Application Process: Applications for all programs should be ONLY done online through HYIT “Online Application System” (http://admission.hyit.edu.cn/Account/Login/)

STEP 1: Register account and activate it.

STEP 2: Fill the application on line and upload all required documents as follows:

          (1) An electronic 2-inch passport-style photo.

          (2) Copy of your valid passport (the photo page).

          (3) Copy of your original highest degree certificate and certified copies in Chinese or English.

          (4) Copy of your original highest degree transcript and certified copies in Chinese or English.

          (5) Copy of original HSK certificate and certified copies in Chinese or English.

          (6) Copy of original IELTS certificate or English proficiency certificate. (English-lectured majors applicants must provide)

          (7) Copy of original medical report and certified copies in Chinese or English.

          (8) Copy of original certificate of non-criminal record and certified copies in Chinese or English.

          (9) Bank Statement in Chinese or in English.

STEP 3: Submit the application and note the your applicant number.

STEP 4: Check your admission regularly.

STEP 5: When applicants pass the preliminary examination and interview, the pre-admission notice will be sent via E-mail.

STEP 6: Reply the pre-admission E-mail in time and pay corresponding deposit: 11,000 yuan (Chinese Training), 15,500 (International Economics and Trade), 18,000 (Telecommunication engineering), 18,000 (Bio-engineering).

Note: The deposit will offset the registration fee (300 yuan), textbook fee (800 yuan), insurance fee (600 yuan), accommodation fee (3000 yuan), physical examination fee (300 yuan) and corresponding tuition fee of the first academic year, the rest tuition fee will be refunded to the student by the end of the academic year.

Payment account:

Domestic transfer, by CNY:

Payee: 淮阴工学院 Huaiyin Institute of Technology
Account: 32001724236051451171

Opening bank: 中国建设银行淮安分行中北支行 Zhongbei sub-branch of Huaian Branch of China Construction Bank

Transfer from abroad, by USD:

Account Name: Huaiyin Institute of Technology

Deposit Bank: Bank of China Huaian Branch

Add: No.9 north Huaihai Road, Huai’an, Jiangsu, China

Account Number: 540459477943

Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ940

NOTE: Applicant’ s name and application number must be written in the reference column.

STEP 7: Admission documents (“Admission notice” and “JW202/JW201”) will be posted by a courier services company.

STEP 8: Apply for Chinese Visa by yourself and register in HYIT on time.


(1) Always mention your application number when making an enquiry with us.

(2) Your study or work experiences in the form must be complete & continuous until the current year.

(3) Ensure that all information and documents submitted/uploaded are factual and legible.

5. Approval, Notification and Enrollment:

5.1. HYIT will organize a committee to review all the application materials and release the list of matriculated students.

5.2. After that, HYIT will send the students who pass the preliminary examination and interview the Pre-admission Notice and Payment notice of deposit by E-mail.

5.3. After receiving applicants’ deposits, HYIT will send them the Admission Notice and Visa Application (JW202 form) for Study in China for “X1” visa application in the Chinese embassy. All the International students matriculated in HYIT are responsible for their visa application on their own.

5.4. Enrollment: September 2020. The definite date will be informed on Admission.

All the matriculated students should register in HYIT on time with the admission letter and JW202 form.

Notice. Registration can only be delayed for acceptable reasons and for no more than 15 days with prior permission from HYIT. Those who fail to register before the end of the grace period without proper reasons will be considered to abandon the admission.

6. Fees and scholarships

6.1. Please refer to the HYIT Fee Standards for International Students (2020) (For details, see the appendix 2) .

6.2. The HYIT offers following scholarships for excellent international students who pass the verification:

       6.2.1. Study in Jiangsu Government Scholarship

       Funded By: Jiangsu Provincial Government

Visit CIS website: www.studyinjiangsu.org

6.2.2. HYIT Scholarship

In order to attract and encourage outstanding international students. HYIT offers HYIT Scholarship . The HYIT Scholarship can waive corresponding tuition fees, which requires international students’ grades of all courses must be over 60 and follow the regulations of the HYIT. Please refer to  Scholarship for  International Students of HYIT (2020) (For details, see the appendix 3).

7. Contact Us

Address: School of International Education, Huaiyin Institute of Technology, No.1 Meicheng

Road, Qingjiangpu District, Huai’an, Jiangsu Province, 223003, China

Tel: +86-517-83591070,   Fax:+86-517-83559103

Contacts: Miss. Mia Han, Mr. Solomon Wang, Miss. Linda Zhao.

Email: admission@hyit.edu.cn

Website: http://www.hyit.edu.cn/   http://en.hyit.edu.cn/

Application website: http://admission.hyit.edu.cn/Account/Login/


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