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Notice on the School of International Education on Conducting Online Courses for the Second Semester of the Academic Year 2019-2020 for International Students
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Dear students:

Due to outbreak of the novel coronavirus this year, all the courses of second semester for the 2019-2020 academic year will be available online. Please follow the timetable and study hard. After the formal opening, you will have an exam to check your study and mastery.

I. Teaching Requirements for Theoretical Courses

1.Opening Time: February 24th 2020

2.Course Mode: Online Self-study and Tutoring.

Taking into account the time difference and network problems in various countries, the teacher will not give a live class, but rather will upload the class content to the corresponding teaching platform for students to learn by themselves according to the class schedule (see attachments). If you have any questions when you are self-studying online, you can pose them in Wechat group, and then theachers will answer for you.

II. Teaching Requirements for Practical Courses

1.The experiments and the training will be arranged until all the students return back to school.

2.Graduation Project (Thesis):

Instructors of graduation project (thesis) will use real-time communication tools such as QQ or WeChat to guide students to complete foreign language translation, opening report, literature review and graduation design (thesis) writing work. The graduating class students need to work closely with the instructors to complete the graduation project on time.

III. Miscellaneous

1.Supervision and Management of Online class: The vice dean who responsible to teaching affairs and the head teachers of each class will supervise students self-study status according to the teaching plan, follow up with subject teachers to guarantee the arrangement of online courses and answer relevant questions.

2. All the homework assigned needs to be carefully completed, and the subject teachers will correct it and keep it as the performance grade.

School of International Education

Huaiyin Institute of Technology



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