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Faculty of Continuing Education
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Faculty of Continuing Education

        The Faculty of Continuing Education (FCE) focuses on the degree and non-degree higher education for adults and working people in Huaiyin Institute of Technology (HYIT). It has formed a multi-channel, multi-form and multi-specification school-running system, based upon HYIT’s strong faculty members, perfect infrastructure and facilities and the library. There are 39 undergraduate programs and nearly 5000 registered working students receiving different kinds of higher education. Among them, the Computer Science and Technology and Financial Management are the provincial characteristic programs of adult education; Civil Engineering, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, Automation and Engineering Management are provincial key programs of adult higher education, which are pilot programs selected by Jiangsu Province for the excellent candidates from the arduous professions, and those from the school-enterprise-cooperation enterprises, aiming to support their development. It has been approved as the pilot unit to manage the examinations autonomously for those self-taught undergraduate students to get the second degrees. Non-degree education programs mainly include vocational qualification certificates training, on-the-job training, and other types of certificate examination training of different levels. It is the designated base for training the employees from Foxconn, Jiangsu Provincial Agricultural Reclamation Group, Huai’an Municipal Construction Industry Association, Huai’an Municipal Transportation Industry Association and Huai’an Municipal Food and Drug Industry and other industries.

        Guided by the concept of scientific development and lifelong education, the Faculty takes it as its own responsibility to serve the local economy, educating people as its fundamental task, teaching as its center, and reforming as its motive force, aiming at improving the knowledge, ability and quality of on-the-job employees, taking the cultivation of the vocational ability and quality as its core task. Its school-running policy is to adhere to the grass-root oriented service, the society oriented service and the countryside and the front-line oriented service. It pays special attention to its connotation construction, continues to strengthen the curriculum construction. Currently, it has six quality programs, including Soil Mechanics, Foundation, Construction Budget, Thermal Forming, Mechanical Design, Engineering Economics and Engineering Project Management. It lays equal stress on the development of both scale and quality, pays special attention to the teaching management and the monitoring of the teaching quality, highlights the practical teaching links, constantly strengthens the cultivation of the students’ cultural quality, and the innovation and entrepreneurship ability, and strives to cultivate students with both knowledge and ability. The graduates have won a good reputation in the community, and are welcomed by the employers. For many times, FCE has been highly commended by the higher education authorities in recognition of its excellent work.

        Contact us

        Dean: Professor Xu Renliang

        Address: No. 89, North Beijing Road, Huai’an, Jiangsu Province, China

        Postal code: 223001

        Tel.: +86 517 83597288




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