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Faculty of Automation
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Faculty of Automation

        The Faculty of Automation dates back to Faculty of Electronic and Electrical Engineering. After constant professional optimization and adjustment, the Faculty of Automation was established in 2015.

        Currently, there are three departments (Electrical Engineering, Automation and Measurement & Control) and a training direction of professional Master of Chemical Process Automation in the Faculty. The Faculty has a staff of 62 members, including four professors, 15 associate professors, 28 doctoral degree holders, two foreign teachers, 18 Master’s supervisors. One member has been selected as candidate for provincial “333 Project”, one as candidate for provincial “Qinglan Project”, four as candidates for the provincial “Six Top Talents, eight as candidates for municipal “533 Project”, two school famous teachers, and four Teachers Morality Pacesetters of HYIT.

        The Faculty has established the district discipline of Control Science and Engineering in the institute, emphasizing control theory and intelligent system, detection technology and application, pattern recognition and signal processing, new energy system control technology application research, and has scientific research and service organizations such as Jiangsu instrument industry public service platform for small and medium enterprises, and Huai’an New Automation Technology Application Center, Huai’an Key Laboratory, etc.

        The Faculty offers three undergraduate programs in Electrical Engineering and Automation, Automation, Measurement & Control Technology and Instrument, of which Automation is Excellence Plan Software Category Experimental Major of Jiangsu Province, and Electrical Engineering and Automation is the Featured Specialty under construction at school level, Measurement & Control Technology and Instrument is the Brand Major at school level. The Faculty now has 1284 registered students pursuing Bachelor’s degrees and 56 registered students pursuing professional Master’s degrees.

        The Faculty has perfect practical teaching environment. Currently, there are three integrative laboratories: Electrician and Electronics Laboratory, Automation Technology Laboratory and Measurement and Control Laboratory, which consists of 32 branch laboratories such as Electrotechnics, Analogue Electronic Technology, Digital Electrical Technology, Motor Controlling and Power Electronics, Power Engineering, Automatic Control Principle, PLC and Industrial Control Network, Process Control and DCS System, iCAN Bus and Ethernet, Computer Simulation Technique, Sensor Technology, Intelligent Instrument and Virtual Instrument, Measuring and Control Technology, Single Chip Microcomputer Principle, EDA, Embedded system, New Energy Technology, Robot Control Technology, WSN, etc. The laboratories cover an area of 4276 square meters and the total value of teaching equipment worth $15 million, which provides favorable conditions for students.

        The Faculty has an excellent cooperative tradition in academic research. Since 2010, the faculty members have undertaken more than 100 scientific research projects at national, provincial or municipal level, and projects supported by related companies and institutes, including five projects of National Natural Science Foundation, six projects of Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province, one project of youth funds from the Ministry of Education, four projects of provincial Science and Technology Department, four projects of the provincial “Six Top Talent”, and six projects with achievements industrialization. The faculty members have gained 70 patents, and published over 380 academic articles, of which 120 have been cited by SCI or EI systems. They have also published one monograph and six textbooks, including three provincial key textbooks.


Contact us
        Dean: Professor Wang Yeqin

        Address: No. 1, East Meicheng Road, Huai’an, Jiangsu Province, China
        Postal code: 223003
        Tel.: +86 517 83559070



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