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Faculty of Electronic and Information Engineering
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Faculty of Electronic and Information Engineering 

        The Faculty of Electronic and Information Engineering offers four undergraduate programs: Electronic Information Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology, Communications Engineering and Photoelectric Information Science and Engineering. In 2011, the Electronic Information Engineering Program was selected as one of the National Excellent Engineering Educational Training Programs; and the Communications Engineering Program was approved as one of the Jiangsu Excellent Engineering Educational Training Programs. Recently, the Faculty was honored with the “ICT Industry-Education Integration Innovation Base” by the Ministry of Education. The Electronic Information Engineering Program has been approved as a higher education-level distinguished program. A provincial key textbook has been recognized, and a number of courses have been established in association with other universities and industrial enterprises.      

        At present, there are more than 957 full-time students and 61 faculty members, including eight professors, 10 associate professors, 54 lecturers with doctoral and Master’s degrees, and three foreign teachers. The Faculty pays attention to the development of teaching staff, and a number of teaching staff members have built up sound reputation in teaching and advanced research. Among them, one was selected as the third level training participant of the “333 Project” in Jiangsu Province, two were selected for the “Qinglan Project” in Jiangsu Province, one was awarded as a “100 Foreign Specialized Personnel,” and four are among the first batch of the top-notch talents training participants of the “533 Project” in Huai’an City, one is a model worker in Huai’an City, and eight are Master’s supervisors, and one is the first to be awarded the title of “Xiangyu Teaching Famous Teacher” in the Huaiyin Institute of Technology. 

        The Institute has formed a team of teachers full of vitality, with reasonable ages and knowledge structure, and strong teaching, scientific research and engineering practice ability.The teachers in our Faculty have presided over 35 projects in cooperation with industry, education and research at or above the municipal level. The amount of scientific research funds received by the Faculty exceeds four million yuan per year. Among them, there are six projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, one project from the Provincial Department of Education, three projects from the Spark Plan, one project of the Innovation Fund for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and one project of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology. By the end of 2018, 130 academic papers had been published, including 53 SCI and EI indexed papers, 13 invention patents and 35 utility model patents. One teacher was honored the title of Advanced Worker in Science and Technology in Huai’an City and the Institute.

        The Faculty has advanced teaching and research facilities and a good practical teaching environment. The central laboratory covers an area of more than 2400 square meters with a total value of about 26 million yuan. The Faculty has an ICT innovation base of the Ministry of Education, Remote Sensing Technology Engineering Laboratory of Lake Environment of Jiangsu Province, Provincial Electrotechnics and Electronics Teaching Experimental Center, Electronic Information Engineering Laboratory, Communication Engineering Laboratory and other comprehensive laboratories. Additionally, the Faculty has more than 20 education laboratories such as electrical power, high-frequency electronic circuits, signals and systems, communications and information theory labs. The Electrical and Electronic Experiment Education Center is the provincial demonstration center of experimental teaching for basic courses. The Faculty has strengthened the construction of practice bases, and has established more than 20 practice bases in Nanjing, Suzhou and Huai’an.

        The Faculty pays great attention to students’ personal development and achievements. One student team in the Faculty has won three provincial awards in the fourth “Internet +” Competition, and another student team has won State First Prize in the “Blue Bridge Cup.” More than 34 students have won provincial awards, two student teams has been ranked among East China’s Top 15 in the third “CMAIT National University Student Mobile Application Innovation Competition 2016”, three student teams have won the title of Outstanding Projects in the East China region, and one team won the third prize in National Challenge Cup. One team won the second prize of the Provincial College Students’ Electronic Design Competition, and two teams won the second prize of the Freescale Cup Smart Car Competition. In recent years, the enrollment rate of students in postgraduate entrance examination has reached 22%. The Communication Engineering Program has been appraised as a prominent major in postgraduate entrance examination. Class 1133 of Electronic Information Engineering Program has been appraised as Zhou Enlai Class in Huai’an City. Class 1163 of the Communication Engineering Program has been appraised as the Advanced Class Group of Jiangsu Province and Zhou Enlai Class in the University.

        The students of Faculty of Electronic Information Engineering are highly praised by employers for their solid professional knowledge, strong practical ability and good comprehensive quality.


Contact us

    Dean: Professor Cao Suqun

    Address: No. 1, East Meicheng Road, Huai’an, Jiangsu Province, China

    Postal code: 223003

    Tel.: +86 0517 83559803

    E-mail: caosuqun@hyit.edu.cn 



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