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Showing Gratitude, Endeavoring in the New Era and Building a New Journey--Huaiyin Institute of Technology Hold Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony 2023
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On June 16, Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony 2023 of our school was held in the gymnasium of Meicheng Road Campus. Sun Aiwu, secretary of the HYIT Party Committee, President Chang Lv, Vice Presidents Zhu Xiaowen and Yang Zhengya, Wei Hongqing, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and Vice President Gao Shangbing attended the ceremony.

The graduation and degree awarding ceremony with the theme of “Showing Gratitude, Endeavoring in the New Era and Building a New Journey of Dreams” opened in the solemn national anthem, all attendees standing up and singing the national anthem together.

A series of songs such as “The Intersection with Phoenix Blossom”, “The Story of Time”, “Those Years”, “I love You, China” were sang one by one with sincere feelings and melodious tunes. The songs were of full of various emotions, touching greatly.

 Sun Aiwu presenting appointment certificates to alumni liaison representatives.

Chang Lv presenting certificates to the representatives of outstanding bachelor’s degree holders.

Chang Lv made a speech on behalf of the school, expressing high respect and heartfelt thanks to the teachers and parents who worked hard for the growth of the students, and extended warmest congratulations and best wishes to the students who successfully completed their studies and graduated happily.

He sent an affectionate message to all the graduates: Today’s China is a country where dream is connected with reality, full of vitality and vigor. You were born at the right time when the stage to display your talents is incomparably broad, and the prospect of realizing your dreams is immensely bright. I hope that you will be a person who is committed to your dreams and actively pursues them. With ideal in the heart, your feet will have the power. Every step of the development of the school shows the self-improvement character of HYITers in keeping their dreams, walking steadily and never stopping, and this character deserves to be inherited and carried forward by every student. You can try to make a little progress every day and strive for new progress at every stage of life. Second, we should not be afraid of setbacks and have the courage to make breakthroughs. The more upward the road, the more energy it takes and the more difficult it is to go. Life with struggles is the most beautiful so you should not be afraid of setbacks and dare to think, break through and work hard to make your youth blossom when building a modern socialist country in an all-round way. Third, we should be people who can unite, help each other and realize ideal beauty. The flame is tall when everyone adds wood to the fire. Only when people form a consensus and gather wisdom and strength to work together, can we obtain success. In study, life and work, students should carry forward the spirit of cooperation, go hand in hand with the same people to win a better future and achieve a wonderful life.

He felt passionately: Being HYITers for one day, people will show a lifetime of love for HYIT. Behind the students, there is always the most affectionate gaze and sincere blessing from the school and the teachers. No matter how high you fly and how far you go, you will always be the concern of the school. I believe that in the broad stage of the new era, you will surely become valuable people who are worthy of your parents, the alma mater, the country and the era.

 Zhu Xiaowen and Gao Shangbing issuing certificates to outstanding graduate representatives.

 Yang Zhengya reading out the appointment decision of alumni liaison.

Wei Hongqing reading out the list of provincial outstanding graduates.

Hua Xuecheng, member of Standing Committee of the Party Committee and head of Propaganda Department, reading out the decision to award the winners of the 2023 outstanding bachelor’s degree.

Qin Jiapei, member of the standing Committee of the Party Committee and head of the United Front work Department of the Organization Department, reading out the decision to commend the 2023 outstanding graduates.

School leaders and members of Academic Committee issuing degree certificates to the 2023 graduates and turning the tassels for them.

Graduates thanking the “most beautiful guardian” with flowers.

Ji Haigang speaking on behalf of undergraduate students.

Shao Mingzhen speaking on behalf of graduate students.

The major heads of the relevant departments of the school, the major leaders of the Party and the deans and the persons in charge of student work in each faculty, the counselors of the graduating classes, the head teachers and the representatives of the graduates attended the graduation ceremony.

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