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Faculty of Business
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Faculty of Business


        Faculty of Business consists of Department of Economics and Trade, Department of Business Administration, Department of Finance and Accounting, and Research Section for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. It operates nine undergraduate programs, including International Economics and Trade, Economics and Finance, Finance Mathematics, Business Administration, Marketing, Accounting, Financial Management, Human Resources Management and Electronic Commerce. Business Administration is the key discipline of Huaiyin Institute of Technology (HYIT), and Applied Economics is the key construction discipline of HYIT. Business Administration and Financial Management are not only the characteristic program of HYIT, but also the characteristic program for continuing education of Jiangsu Province. There are two provincial practical training platforms, namely Jiangsu Provincial Platform for International Business Talents Training Services, and Jiangsu Provincial Center for Business Talent Practical Education, one provincial scientific research platform, namely Taiwanese Entrepreneurs Research Center, and an experiment center, including eight laboratories respectively for international trade scenarios simulation, financial simulation, ERP sand table simulation, management outward bound, human resources management, e-commerce, business negotiation scenario simulation, and financial information system. More than 30 practice training bases have been established.

    The Faculty has a rigorous and high-quality teaching staff. At present, among 103 faculty members, there are 11 professors, 47 associate professors, two doctorate supervisors, 13 Master’s supervisors and 23 doctorate teachers. There are five young and middle-aged academic leaders, four excellent young backbone teachers in the “Qinglan Project” of Jiangsu Province, and one young and middle-aged prominent expert, one “Women Academic Pacesetter”, five “533 Projecttalents, three “Ten-Hundred-Thousand” talents of Huai’an City, and four discipline leaders, four famous teachers, two “Teacher’s Morality Pacesetters”, nine “Young Backbone Teachers” of HYIT. Over the past three years, the faculty members have undertaken one national research project, 14 provincial and ministerial projects, 53 municipal projects, with research fund amounting to 8.539 million yuan, published 268 papers, including 10 SSCI/SCI indexed papers, 31 CSSCI indexed papers and nine monographs and edited 14 textbooks, of which two have been approved key textbook of Jiangsu Province. Faculty teachers and students have obtained one Gold Medal in the National College Students Entrepreneurship Competition of “Creating Youth,” one second prize for Teaching Achievements in Jiangsu Province, one first prize and one third prize in Jiangsu Province Micro-Lecture Teaching Competition, one first prize and one second prize in Jiangsu Province Philosophy and Social Sciences Academic Conference, one second prize for Teaching Excellence in Jiangsu Province, one second prize and one third prize for Excellent Achievements in Humanities and Social Sciences of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, one first prize, two second prizes and four third prizes for Outstanding Research Achievements in Philosophy and Social Sciences of Huai’an City.

        Presently, there are nearly 3000 full-time students at school. In recent years, more than 4,000 economic and management talents have been trained for enterprises, institutions and government agencies; more than 30 long-term or short-term training courses have been held for local governments and enterprises, and more than 20 staff members have served as consultants for the local government and enterprises, which fully reflects the locally applied undergraduate orientation.

Contact us
        Dean: Professor Zhang Xiaobing

        Address: No. 89, North Beijing Road, Huai’an, Jiangsu Province, China
        Postal code: 223001
        Tel.: +86 517 83551183
        Fax: +86 517 83551183
        E-mail: zhangxiaob@hyit.edu.cn






















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