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Stabilizing and Guaranteeing the Employment Issue with the “Three-heart” Project and the “Four-character” Mission
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During the combat against COVID-19, HYIT put forward the working concept of "overcoming the difficulties together with eternal love and providing continuous employment service" , fully implemented the employment-priority policy, provided accurate employment guidance and services, and vigorously implemented the "Three-heart" project, to ensure continuous service, innovative ways, as well as effective measures, and therefore handed in a qualified answer sheet of "stabilizing employment and guaranteeing employment" .

HYIT offered employment services with a genuine heart. HYIT promptly activated the long-distance service mechanism and timely released " A Letter to Enterprises from the Admission and Employment Office of HYIT and “The Employment and Dispatch Programme for Graduates of HYIT during the Epidemic Prevention and Control Period". HYIT continued to strengthen the construction of high-quality campus recruitment enterprise pool and the alumni enterprise resource pool, setting up the online platforms including "Employment Issues" , "HYIT Employment Service" , "Hundred Enterprises Entering the Campus" , and so on and so forth. HYIT made full use of Jiangsu intelligent employment platform 91 JOB, HYIT employment network, HYIT Wechat Official Account and other channels, took the initiative and launched eight large-scale online recruitment activities at various levels, including the “Employment and Entrepreneurship in Jiangsu”, Huai'an, namely, the spring online job fair for graduates of 2020, , the alumni-enterprise special sessions, and the information technology special sessions, with more than 860 participating enterprises, providing more than 50,380 positions, and thus effectively ensured students continuous access to employment information during the epidemic prevention and control.

HYIT helped the job applicants to build a confident heart. HYIT identified accurately the needs of graduates and offered assistance and online courses in career planning together with muti-channel career guidance training sessions and exchanges. HYIT Integrated multiple resources, enriched online career guidance, carefully collected and promoted courses in MOOC, Wisdom Tree and other teaching platforms to graduates, as well as those excellent online guidance courses on NCSS.cn, Ministry of Education. HYIT actively guided graduates to take well the online courses, to master the online job-hunting and video interview skills, and organized the "Presidents Remarks in HYIT" public online lectures which improved greatly the competitiveness of the graduates. HYIT conducted a series of "Interview with Outstanding Alumni at the Grassroots Level" activities in the hope of inspiring the graduates with their typical deeds to take root at the grassroots level and seek diversified employment, and to go to the places where the country and the people need most to make contributions and build careers.

HYIT helped precisely the job applicants with a loving heart. HYIT tailored assistance and guidance to graduates who suffer from financial distress and physical handicap, focusing on graduates hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak and offered one-on-one assistance and guidance to graduates from Hubei where the epidemic emerged. They were all well informed of quarantine requirements and employment information.

At the same time of pushing forward the implementation of the "Three-heart" Project, HYIT faculty members formed a strong cohesion of “All Participating in Employment and Everyone Caring about Employment” in offering assistance to graduates. Through the counselors of the senior classes, a Four-character” working method of "focusing" , "helping" , "ensuring" and "cloud" in the employment issue, namely: offering person-to-person service to protect and escort the students in the epidemic areas; offering forcible help to solve problems for students with difficulties; ensuring the employment demand for students in need and offering cloud counseling to enlighten students. As people who leave their footprints on the stepping stones, and make scratches on the steel with their fingers, there also   emerged a number of positive employment models among whom, Zhu Yuqi, a HYIT student majoring in Food Quality and Safety, whose job-hunting experience has been highlighted by multiple platforms. Su Chunhai, deputy secretary of Jiangsu Education Commission, mentioned her particularly in a large-scale interview series My Powerful Nation and Me produced by the joint efforts of xuexi.cn, jschina.com, and the New Jiangsu App.

(Translated by Xu Yaoyun & Wu Zidan; Approved by Yu Min)

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