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CCTV Report on a HYIT Dorm Caretaker
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On May 10, a program named The Most Beautiful Common in CCTV 6 featured a HYIT dorm caretaker named Dai Juan who dried thousands of bedding for students when HYIT shut down amid COVID-19 outbreak. Dai epitomizes all of HYIT staff members working on their common yet glorious posts. Their dedication and persistence make HYIT a more beautiful place.

Person of the Issue Dai Juan

“I work for the students. Students addressed me as Aunt Dai,” said Dai Juan. Dai has worked on her post for 18 years. Her kindness is filled with love and care for students and is acclaimed by students and netizens. Dai has been recruited as a formal staff member due to her outstanding job performance.

Click the link http://app.cctv.com/special/cbox/detail/index.html?guid=bc884e9f163b49ac86b4871f247c1b3c&vsid=C14323#0 for the report on CCTV 6.

Click the link https://m.weibo.cn/1261788454/4503124498647820 or https://m.weibo.cn/1261788454/4503142601897017 for the report on Weibo.

(Translated by Xu Yaoyun & Wu Zidan; Approved by Yu Min)

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