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Tribute to the 20th CPC National Congress: Standing at the 3-feet Platform and Concentrating on Nurturing Talents
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The extraordinary achievements trigger insights and inspire us to forge ahead. In order to thoroughly study and implement the guiding principles of the 20th CPC National Congress, and demonstrate the fine spirit of HYIT staff, HYIT Publicity Department (News Center) specially launched the “Paying Tribute to the 20th CPC National Congress”— “ Capturing the Extraordinary” column —with plain lens and text to record teachers and students who bravely bear the mission of boosting the development of our school and our nation and strive to be members of a new generation of young people. Today, we walked into classes together.

Standing at the 3-feet platform, teachers compose their song of time using pieces of chalk. With the dream of imparting knowledge and cultivating people, they uphold the original aspiration of cultivating people by virtue, and pour all their enthusiasm into their classes which can be lines of code, a series of letters, works of art, or  whole sets of actions... Although the classes are different, they shine uniquely. They stick to the ordinary platform and concentrating on teaching.

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