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Welcome the Party’s 20th National Congress Pursue Dreams on the New Journey --HYIT Holds the Commencement Ceremony of 2022 Freshmen and the Military Training Performance Showcase
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When the autumn wind brings cool and the ripe fruits emit delicate fragrance. The commencement ceremony of 2022 freshmen and the performance of military training  were held on the playground of our school’s southern campus on September 4. Sun Aiwu, Secretary of the Party Committee, President, Chang Lv, Wu Jianhua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President, Lu Weiqun, Yang Zhengya, Wang Dongdong, Standing Committee members of the Party Committee and Vice Presidents, Wei Hongqing, a Standing Committee member of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Hua Xuecheng, a Standing Committee member of the Party Committee and Head of the Publicity Department, and Mao Shande, a Standing Committee member of Huai’an District Party Committee and Political Commissar of the Ministry of People’s Armed Forces, attended the event.

According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the freshmen’s commencement ceremony and military training performance showcase are carried out simultaneously online and offline.

The event started in the lively and youthful dragon dance and cheerleading performance. The bright five-star red flag rose slowly in the majestic and powerful national anthem, and all teachers and students present solemnly saluted with eyes. Subsequently, the military training performance showcase of undergraduates of 2022 officially began. Several performances, such as military boxing, exercises of daggers and others were brilliant. The students’ practised military skills and capable work style won bursts of applause from the whole audience, and were praised by the school leaders and military instructors.

Chang Lv delivered a speech on behalf of the school, expressing a warm welcome and heartfelt congratulations to the freshmen. With the title of “Born in a prosperous age, young people should do something.”, he sent a passionate message to the freshmen:

First, to cultivate your virtue and improve the spirit. You are to hold fast to the political direction, and constantly enhance the ideological and acting consciousness of listening to and following the Party; you are to set up the lofty aspiration of embracing the world and serving the motherland, and let youth shine in resonance with the times at the same frequency; you are to pass on the red legacy of Huai’an, and turn our patriotic enthusiasm into the act to serve our country; you are to understand the school’s educational concept of nurturing talents with moral education first; you are to have a duty and a mission in mind, shoulder the responsibility, and strive to work hard on the track of youth.

Second, you are to study hard and think well to improve the ability. You are to be diligent in learning, learn each course carefully, and do well in each exam; you are to be good at practice, actively participate in various practical activities, and improve technical skills and teamwork ability. The school has constructed a three-level (school, provincial and national) innovation and entrepreneurship system; you are to apply for projects of innovation and entrepreneurship actively and participate in all kinds of competitions of innovation and entrepreneurship at all levels based on learning basic theories well.

Third, you are to foster your habits and improve your quality. Actions form habits; habits develop into character, and character ultimately determines fate. You are to do physical exercise frequently, maintain a strong physique and a healthy lifestyle; you are to raise your aesthetic awareness and constantly improve your aesthetic taste; you are to strengthen the cultivation of laboring, get rid of laziness, devote yourselves to work so as to develop in morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and work in an all-round way.

Born in a prosperous age, young people should do something. I hope that you can have dreams in your heart, beams of light in your eyes and roads under your feet to write the most beautiful chapter of youth in your best years, to compose a song of youth worthy of the new era, and to strive to become the newborn who can fulfil the important task of national rejuvenation.


The school leaders award the students who have won the admission scholarship for freshmen.

Mao Shande and Hua Xuecheng award Excellent Organization Prize-winning units of military training.

The freshmen's commencement ceremony and military training performance showcase was presided over by Wu Jianhua.

Professor Chen Huihui, teacher representative, Huai'an May Day "Women's Pacesetters", Huai'an "Good Youth Around Us", and HYIT "Xiangyu Teacher Morality Pacesetters", delivered a speech.

Lu Yao, outstanding alumni representative, China Chuangyi National Gold Award, Deputy Secretary-General of Jiangsu Youth Chamber of Commerce, Jiangsu entrepreneurial pacesetter, winner of the May 4th Youth Medal of Huai’an, Chairman of Jiangsu Chuangyao Science and Technology Group, and a graduate of 2013 from Faculty of Design and Arts, made a speech.

Ma Yifei, undergraduate student representative, spoke on behalf of the School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Pan Liang, graduate representative, gave a speech.

Zhang Shaoyi, overseas student representative, made a speech.

The freshmen’s commencement ceremony and military training performance showcase ended successfully in the chorus of school song “Brilliance”. 

The directors of the Office of Party Committee and Administration, the Organization Department, the Publicity Department, the Academic Affairs Office, the Graduate Student Office, the Student Work Office, the Recruitment Office, the School of International Education, the Logistics Office, the Security Office, the Information Office, the Xiaohu Management Committee, the Youth League Committee and other departments, the secretaries of the Party Committee of the secondary schools, the persons in charge of student affairs of the secondary schools, the freshman counselors, the head teachers, and undergraduates of 2022 having finished the military training participated in the event.

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