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Good News! HYIT Awarded the Title of “Jiangsu Smart Campus Demonstration School”
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New Year began with good news. Recently, good news came from Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, Department of Industry and Information Technology that Huaiyin Institute of Technology was awarded the “Jiangsu Smart Campus Demonstration School” with excellent achievement. The selection was organized by the two Departments above-mentioned, with over a hundred colleges and universities participating in the province. After self-evaluation and application, provincial examination, online selection, on-site defense, and the joint accreditation of the two Departments above-mentioned, eventually HYIT stood out successful from the rest and was awarded “Jiangsu Smart Campus Demonstration School”.

HYIT’s application of “Jiangsu Smart Campus Demonstration School” was officially launched in July 2021, and more than 80 application materials of more than 100,000 words were completed during the application. Having entered the stage of defense, the school leaders led the staff of the Department of Information Construction and Management to work hard continuously and prepare for the application and defense carefully. Later, in the course of on-site defense, our school was highly evaluated by the relevant leaders and experts.

HYIY has always attached great importance to the construction of “Smart Campus”, and has set up a leading group for network security and information construction, with the main leader as the group head and the leader in charge as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) to promote the construction of “Smart Campus”. Our school has been awarded honorary titles such as “Advanced Unit of College Education Informatization in Jiangsu Province” and “Advanced Collective of College Education Informatization in Jiangsu Province” for years on end.

In 2021, HYIT’s construction of “Smart Campus” has also achieved remarkable and gratifying results: as the only representative of application-oriented universities, we entered the defense of “Jiangsu Smart Campus Demonstration School” with the first place of all undergraduate universities in the province and was successfully approved; “Smart campus” construction was selected as a key project of “Smart Jiangsu”; obtained a good score of 100.5 points (full score of 100 points, and 0.5 additional point) in the network security responsibility system implementation assessment of the provincial education system, won the third prize of “Smart Campus-Demonstration University” (“Lingyun Award”) in “Smart University” CIO Forum; were awarded Excellent Member Unit by China Educational and Scientific Research Network; organized teachers and students to participate in the 25th National Information-based Exchange Activities for Teachers with 3 pieces of work successfully selected; won the third prize in the sixth “Pilot Cup” Youth Network Security Application Ability Competition in Jiangsu Province; as the only university, designated by Huai’an Municipal Party Committee as a supporting network security technical institution; was invited to participate in the “Network Security 2021-Huai’an Action” and was rated as an excellent participation unit. Xuexi.cn, Jiaohuidian, Jiangsu Education, Huaian.gov.cn, Huai’an TV Station, Huai’an Daily and other media have reported the construction of “Smart campus” in our school for many times, which has exerted a wide influence both inside and outside the province. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, our school will continue to deepen the application of new-generation information technologies such as cloud computing, maga data, Internet of Things, mobile Internet, 5G and artificial intelligence, build “5G+Smart Campus”, give full play to the demonstration and radiation role of “HYIT sample”, and boost the high-quality development of the school cause.

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