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The 14th HYIT "1,000 Players in 100 Teams" Campus Football Tournament Ends Successfully
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To further implement the "HYIT Regulations on Sports Work," enrich students' cultural life, advocate the lifestyle that "exercise brings health and joy," promote the "campus football" campaign and the development of football in our university, the 14th HYIT "1,000 Players in 100 Teams" Campus Football Tournament from April 10 to June 10 ended successfully at the Meicheng Road campus. After fierce competitions, the Faculty of Life Science and Food Engineering won the championship, while the Faculty of Computer and Software Engineering won the second place.

This tournament was sponsored by the Department of Physical Education and organized by HYIT’s Football Association. Under the Football Association's careful organization, elite players were selected in each faculty through qualifying matches, to play the intramural matches. A total of 437 players in 36 teams played the qualifying matches. Among them, 14 teams were qualified to play the tournament matches.

Author: Zhang Luyao  Editor: Zhong Zhaohui  Proofreader: Li Bolan

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