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The Faculty of Business Successfully Presents the "Campus Tour of Famous Huai Opera Plays": Special Performance of the Huai Opera Play "Sending You Across the River" at HYIT
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In order to promote all-round education in colleges and universities, guide college students to carry forward our excellent national culture and improve their artistic and cultural sense, on the evening of May 24, Yancheng Huai Opera Troupe performed the Huai Opera play "Sending You Across the River" at HYIT Student Center. Yancheng Huai Opera Troupe's Party Branch Secretary Xu Jiandong and Head Zhang Zhengyu, HYIT Party Committee's Deputy Secretary and Vice President Prof. Wu Jianhua, Standing Committee Member and Publicity Department's Head Prof. Hua Xuecheng, Publicity Department’s Deputy Head Li Bolan, Faculty of Humanities' Party Committee's Deputy Secretary and Deputy Dean Li Xiaohui, Faculty of Business' Party Committee's Deputy Secretary and Deputy Dean Deng Guoying as well as many teachers and students watched the performance.

The performance was presented in the form of a live show that also streamed on Qzone. At the beginning of the show, the host introduced the Huai opera play "Sending You Across the River" together with the leading actors and actresses. There also was an awarding quiz to arouse the audience's interest. After that, HYIT Party Committee's Deputy Secretary and Vice President Prof. Wu Jianhua addressed the audience and wished the performance a great success.The performance began with audiences' warm applause. The Huai opera play "Sending You Across the River" is about the heroic and emotional choices of a woman and two men against the historic background of the Crossing-the-Yangtze-River Campaign. It perfectly presents the humanistic collisions between the firm revolutionary belief of the army and the common sense of people. The grand theme, the dramatic fates of the characters, the exquisite stage presentation and the meticulous performances of the actors and actresses aroused strong resonance among the audience. In the end, with the warm applause of audiences, the actors and actresses took photos with the guests. The performance came to a successful conclusion.

The performance attracted thousands of students by means of the live performance and live streaming on Qzone. The audiences reviewed the revolutionary history and felt the overlap between classical and modern opera art in the live performance. Moreover, students who were not present on the scene could view the performance through live streaming. Education and guidance have strengthened our students' determination to forge ahead to the new era.

Authors: Zhou Xinyi, Dong Lingling

Editor: Ye Feifei    Proofreader: Deng Guoying

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