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Notice on Holding Article, Paintings, Calligraphy, Photography and Short Video Work Contest about “Fight Against the COVID-19—We Are Together”
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This winter vacation is quite unusual, different from that of previous years. The breakout of the novel coronavirus threatens the health of people all over the world. We are all participants in this smokeless battle. Although we are not doctors, we can use our pens, warm heart and enthusiasm to support Wuhan and China!

I. Theme

Fight Against the COVID-19--We Are Together

II. Participants

All international students

III. Requirements

With the theme of "Fight Against the COVID-19—We Are Together", you can write down your feelings about the novel coronavirus infected pneumonia epidemic, record what you have seen in the national anti-epidemic situation, share your experience of this special winter holiday. You can also use words to sing the praises of the lovely people and their good deeds in this fight and so on.

1. Requirements for articles: Words and expressions should be vivid and the number of words is unlimited. It can be poem, essay, memoirs, etc. Eulogize the advanced figures that fight against the COVID-19, tell the good stories of society, school and individuals in the fight.

2. Requirements for photography and short video: The theme should be positive. The style and genre are not limited. Tik Tok or video duration is not more than 2 minutes.

3. Requirements for calligraphy: The content is healthy and positive. Poems, aphorisms, etc. are all welcome. They must be written on the Tianzi grid paper.

4. Requirements for paintings: Focusing on the theme, it can be Chinese painting, oil painting, cartoon, sketch and other forms of presentation.

5. The works can be in both English or Chinese.

6. Please send photos or electronic texts. Paper works will not be accepted.

. Time

February 18-February 29


Please send the works to the email: hanjingyi@hyit.edu.cn

Contact: Han Jingyi (Mia)

Tel: 0517-83591070

Please indicate the class and name of the contributor when submitting the works.

Ⅵ. Awards

3 first prizes, 6 second prizes, 10 third prizes and several excellence awards

Except for the awards, winners’ performance will be taken as scholarship assessment.

. Publication

With the consent of the author, SIE will select some excellent articles and publish them through WeChat official account and website.


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