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HYIT Has a High-level Faculty
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HYIT has always attached great importance to constructing the talent team, adhering to political guidance and teachers’ ethics improvement, furthering reforms and enhancing teaching quality. It has made every effort to build “the first-class talent team”, implementing Project “1357”, constructing a process oriented, all-around cultivating system for all the teachers so as to have a team of first-class staff with high ideological and political qualities, excellent professional and high educational abilities.

HYIT now has 1346 full-time teachers, including 603 teachers with doctoral degree, 593 senior title holders and 639 teachers with both teaching and practical abilities. 15 state-level talents and more than 100 high-end talents were recruited and double employed. In addition, there are 16 key talents who are beneficiaries of the Special Government Allowance of the State Council and Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions of Jiangsu Province; nearly 240 members have been granted programs including Jiangsu “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program”, “333 High-level Talent Training Project”, “6 Talent Peaks Project”, “Qinglan Project” and so on; 11 outstanding teaching teams and scientific and technology innovation teams have been approved.

        Improving Teachers’ Ethics Solidly

HYIT has revised and issued a series of documents on improving teachers’ ethics,has regularly selected Xiangyu talents as examples to encourage the teaching staff to be good teachers with “four must-haves” and strengthened the study of teachers’ ethics to ensure teachers to understand and practice them thoroughly. The school has complied and published “The Pamphlet of HYIT Teachers’ Ethics” and organized teachers to study it regularly. It has actively explored and practiced “online and offline” trainings on teachers’ ethics, carried out regular political and ideological trainings for teachers by turns and undertaken seminars and training courses on improving teachers’ ethics in undergraduate colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province. It has boosted the education of respecting teachers and broadcast the culture of teachers’ ethics. HYIT has further promoted to construct a happy campus, creating the “four-heart” atmosphere of studying happily, working satisfactorily, developing peacefully and living comfortably. It has adhered to visiting and rewarding teachers on Teachers’ Days and holding collective birthday salons for teachers every month, creating the atmosphere of respecting teachers and attaching importance to education. HYIT has made clear warnings to teachers who break the rules and improved punishment to teachers’ anomie.

Formulating Special Plans for Building Talent Team

HYIT has vigorously implemented Project “1357” of talent team building (“1” is the introduction of 10 state-level talents in 3 years; “3” is the introduction of 300 excellent teachers with doctoral degrees in 3 years; “5” is the cultivation of 50 teachers to receive doctorates in 5 years; “7” is the implementation of 7 series of Xiangyu talent projects) and built a system supporting teachers’ cultivation with “clear evaluation, unambiguous level, prominent priority and close connection”. It has optimized the system of talent introduction and cultivation, set up a high-level talent office, formed the talent introduction policy of “one faculty, one policy; one talent, one method”, improved the agreement between the introduced talents and discipline and team construction and given full play to the effects of talent introduction and agglomeration. HYIT has continued to build a team of excellent teachers more effectively, formulated measures to introduce and manage high-level talents, and enhanced the introduction and cultivation of high-end talents and outstanding young talents. The school has adhered to all-around training of talents, issued 29 documents on personnel management, talent evaluation, performance motivation, etc., and improved the systems of high-level talent introduction, incentive for teachers’ development, improvement of teachers’ ability, teachers’ classified development and teachers’ job transfer and quit, etc. HYIT has increased investment in building the talent team, set up special funds for talent introduction and teachers’ training and raised talents’ salaries, scientific research funds, settlement expenses and training fees year by year with an average annual investment of 100 million yuan in the past 3 years.

Innovating the Building of Talent Team

HYIT has made efforts to explore talent introduction based on the cooperation between school and faculties, between school and enterprises, and between school and the local government, and established improved and flexible talent introduction system with the scientific and technological innovation platform as carrier, attracting a group of high-level talents with scientific and technological innovation abilities. Adhering to flexible and open principles of talent introduction, HYIT has introduced 10 high-level talents in the past 3 years. It has incessantly improved the system of employing off-campus part-time tutors, actively appointed engineering and technological experts and management experts from enterprises and institutions as part-time tutors, with a total of 124 out-of-school graduate tutors. HYIT has innovated and boosted different modes of talent introduction including institutional establishment, full-time employment, overseas employment, mobile position, project contract, etc., and established and improved diversified talent introduction systems meeting the needs of the school’s future development. In the past 3 years, an average of about 100 high-level talents at home and abroad have been introduced each year.  

Improving Multiple Training System for Teachers

HYIT has implemented “three-famous project” to further boost doctoral training plan of “famous universities, famous disciplines and famous mentors”, applied the system of “classified management, hierarchical funding, full pay off duty and rewards for excellence in learning” to ensure and encourage teachers to participate actively in further studies and improve effects in further studies. In the past 3 years, 68 in-service teachers got doctoral degrees. Relying on national and provincial government scholarships for studying abroad and the overseas research programs for young backbone teachers, HYIT has increased funding for overseas research and quickened the pace of teachers’ internationalization. HYIT has constructed the system of inside and outside the school to improve teachers’ abilities, fully tapped and made good use of training resources inside and outside the school, and comprehensively improved teachers’ levels and abilities in teaching and scientific research through classified and hierarchical trainings such as pre-post, induction, mentoring system for young teachers, choosing teachers to participate in out-of-school special projects and so on. HYIT has implemented the engineering practice project for young teachers, regularly arranging young teachers to go into the front line of production and management to accumulate practical experience and improve practical ability. HYIT has actively guided teachers to participate in industry-university-research cooperation projects, with 333 cooperation projects between college and locality approved and 116 provincial cooperation projects approved in 2020, ranking first in quantity in Jiangsu Province.

Constructing Multi-dimensional Incentive System for Teachers

HYIT has improved the evaluation and employment system of professional titles, establishing an appointment system, an evaluation and employment system for employed professors, associate professors and industrial professors to broaden professional promotion channels for excellent talents and expand the developing space for excellent young talents. HYIT has made efforts to optimize post management, achieve classified evaluation of teachers and scientific management, enhance performance assessment and establish a corresponding system of higher professional title for lower position and job transfer and quit to optimize the allocation of human resources. HYIT has improved the salary system for high-level talents and, in the new methods of incentive performance pay, paid attention to the quality of teaching and scientific research achievements, and favored key posts, high-level talents, backbones and those with outstanding achievements. The school has improved the methods of incentive performance pay, established and improved the systems of classified management, evaluation and assessment, ensured fairness, guaranteed post foundation to encourage teachers to improve abilities and levels of teaching and scientific research and the managing and serving staff to feel at ease in the positions, thus giving full play to various talents.

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