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HYIT Demonstrates Its Advantages in Scientific Research
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Huaiyin Institute of Technology gives full play to its own characteristics and advantages, promotes vigorously Project “1111” to integrate the school with the city, and has linked up effectively industry, university and research, has steadily improved various scientific and technological indicators, has continuously enhanced its scientific and technological innovation and social service ability, and has achieved significant breakthroughs in provincial and national scientific and technological awards.

Improving innovation capacity and making continuous breakthroughs in scientific research achievements. In the past five years, the school scientific research expenditure amounts to more than 400 million yuan, and it has been approved more than 400 national, provincial and ministerial projects, including more than 100 national funds of National Natural Science Foundation of China and National Social Science Fund of China. In 2021, the school has been approved three key development plan projects in Jiangsu Province, realizing the first major breakthrough in the project approval of key development projects in the province, with a total fund of 4.8 million yuan. It has won more than 30 scientific research achievements awards at and above the provincial and ministerial level, including National Technological Invention Award and Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Award. It has published more than 3,500 high-level papers, among which many of the scientific research achievements have appeared on Physics Reports and other top international journals, and more than 10 papers were included in China Social Science Excellence, Chinese Social Science Digest and Xinhua Digest.

Building the force of scientific and technological innovation and improving the quantity and quality of intellectual property rights. In the past five years, the school has been granted more than 500 invention patents, among which more than 250 patents have been transferred, ranking the 78th in the latest list of Chinese Colleges and Universities on Patents Transfer (TOP100) issued in May 2021. It encourages important invention achievements to apply for patents abroad, optimizing the international development strategic layout of school patents. It has applied for 23 PCT patents, 5 of which have been granted by the European and American Patent Offices, one disclosed by the UK Patent Office, and 10 applications accepted by the US Patent Office. The number of patents granted and transferred of the school has gained a good momentum, achieving double improvements of quantity and quality. It has won “Jiangsu Advanced Collective in Intellectual Property Work” and “Jiangsu Technology Transfer Innovation Award” for years on end.

Focusing on resources with strength to build high-level scientific research platforms. Aiming at the regional strategic industries and the forefront of scientific and technological innovation and development, the school actively introduces high-end talents, sets up innovation teams, and builds a four-level scientific and technological innovation platform system of the country, the province, the city and the school, so that more innovative elements can be implanted into the industry and rooted in Huai’an. Since 2014, the university has got two national science and technology innovation platforms—the first national-local joint engineering research center in Huai’an, the first national university science and technology park in Huai’an, and 21 provincial science and technology innovation platforms as well. It has established Northern Jiangsu Development Research Institute, which compiled, as a leading unit, The Development Plan of the Huai River Ecological Economic Belt, upgraded as a national strategy, which has also been selected as a provincial key construction think tank. It has established Huai’an Rural Revitalization Research Institute to accelerate the implementation of a number of agricultural and rural projects, such as provincial “Agriculture-industry System Base Projects”, “Strengthening Agriculture and People-enriching Projects”, and provincial “Independent Innovation of Agricultural Science and Technology projects. At present, the school has set up more than 120 various teams of innovation, research and development, 6 approved provincial scientific and technological innovation teams and 32 graduate workstations, realizing the integration of science, technology and industry.

Making solid progress in cooperation and joint construction, and achieving remarkable results in serving the local areas. Since 2017, the school has vigorously implemented Project “1111” (1 school leader contacting 1 county or district, helping more than 10 enterprises of scale, and creating economic and social benefits of more than 100 million yuan every year), to comprehensively promote the high-quality development of school-city integration. It has signed strategic cooperation agreements with all counties and districts of Huai’an, and extended to some counties and districts of Suqian and Yancheng, building a school-city cooperation ecosystem with resource exchange, mutual cultural integration, mutual growth and mutual prosperity. Since the implementation of Project “1111”, more than 1, 800 cooperation projects have been signed, the scientific research cooperation funds have exceeded 370 million yuan, provincial technology transfer sub-centers have been set up in all counties and districts of Huai’an. It has established a special fund guarantee mechanism with a fund pool of 6.9 million yuan and 75 school-enterprise cooperation guide fund projects, guiding enterprises to have invested 65.8 million yuan, and solving 168 technical enterprise problems in a timely manner. In 2020, it successfully held the first “High-quality School-City Integration Development Conference”, at which 8 school-county talent cooperation projects, 8 new research and development institution projects, and 27 technical contracts were signed, with an amount of more than 10 million yuan.

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