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School of International Education of Huaiyin Institute of Technology (HYIT) was established in August, 2016, which is chiefly in charge of the work about enrolling and developing undergraduates and non-degree students of our school and managing, organizing and carrying out international education of Chinese language. Majors taught in English include Software Engineering (Bachelor), Chemical Engineering and Technology (Bachelor), Bio-engineering (Bachelor), Transportation (Bachelor), Chemical Engineering (Master). Major taught in Chinese includes International Economics and Trade (Bachelor). Foreign students’ scholarship system has been established, including Jiangsu Province Government Jasmine Scholarship, Huaiyin Institute of Technology President’s Scholarship and School of International Education Scholarship.

In September, 2016, HYIT first welcomed 63 international students from 18 countries, including Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Laos, Ghana, Congo, Bangladesh, Guinea, which realized the zero breakthrough in the history of international degree students education. HYIT became the first university which enrolls overseas international bachelor degree students in Huaian, and which enrolls the most overseas international bachelor degree students among the similar colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province owing to the first group of international students.

It organized international students to take part in the colorful activities in and out college in order to help international students experience Chinese culture and appreciate the happiness of studying in China. Mid-Autumn party made international students experience and understand Chinese traditional culture by themselves. The activity of experiencing Huaian culture built the culture communication bridge between Chinese and foreign students. It organized international students to participate in school sports meeting, showing international charm, and won “Spiritual Civilization Prize”. It also organized students to take part in school soccer match between teachers and students, school Chinese character dictation contest, “National College Students Mini-marathon Public Challenge”. International students learned through playing in international students Chinese scene plays and Chinese character writing contest. School of International Education held the New Year party “Gathering in Beautiful HYIT & Dancing for Wonderful Youth" to improve the communication between Chinese and foreign students and enrich the muti-cultures in our college.

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